Thursday, October 8, 2015

#4 - What had happen was...

This post is focused on a particular situation that your character finds him/herself caught-up in.

  • You can have a limited interaction with the other character if that interaction would not fit very well in your story
  • Think about how this situation is going to tell us something new(character development) about your that we didn't know before.
  • Engage with your surroundings.  Include things from the neighborhood that will help place your character and build the overall storyline.
  • Feel free to add new group characters
  • Careful with sentence structure. Keep it varied.
  • Since the dead girl is part of the narrative, how much of that story is important to your character?
  • Can knowing what happens to other characters this week help in your character development?

Joan/Julia F.
Aria/Julia S.
Lydia/Rosemary V.
Prof. Henry/Rosemary L
Ruby/Ms. M

Jasper -gets a job, but loses it.
Joan- sees the ghost of Stanley Collingwood
Lucja -  gets a threatening letter in the mail
Aria -  falls in the lake
Rosemary V. - kidnapped and taken to the back of The Ivory
Ruby - buys something at the thrift store and finds something disturbing in a pocket
Poppy - falls out of the window at Collingwood Heights and is injured
Diana - has a near death experience
Prof. Henry - saw something that may or may not be real
Ms. M. - finds a clue about the dead girl, Alice
Lennon - gets temporary amnesia
Lucas/Julian - get stuck in elevator
Charlotte - wins the lotto of $1000 dollars, but loses it
Hemson - gets arrested
Lydia - gives money to a homeless woman and she tells you a prophesy that seems like it might come true
Charlie - sit at the counter of the diner and Bill the Balloon Man starts a conversation
Mattheus - goes to Willow's Psychic sho and you get your fortune told and it is...
Flora - decides to get a tattoo and the tattoo place and...
Julia S. - ducks follow you throughout the day
Adeline - you feel as if you might need some spiritual guidance, so you go to all three of religious spots: Jehovah, St. Mark, and Shalom Temple
Rosemary L. - goes to Sasha's for a mani/pedi and you hear rumors about the dead girl, Alice.
Julia F. - Get stuck on bus 102 for 2 hours.  You are actually stuck on the bus at the corner of Euro Dr. and Ember Lane
Margo - You are included in a text messaging blow-up on your phone from people you and many that you don't.
Brilynn - goes up to the 14th floor and are enclosed in complete darkness and end-up finding a clue about the dead girl, Alice.
Piper - you are in a bowling tournament at the bowling alley and your team members are terrible bowlers and so are you, but have to play at least 4 games in which you lose all of them.

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