Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#3 - Duckocalypse Blog

You should include one of each of the following categories: Due date: SEPT 29th.

1) Hot Legs' staff manager is Nancy.  Food specialty is HOT WINGS!
2) Little Tokyo owner is Cho - Bubble Tea is the specialty
3) Pizza Palace - Jeremy is a high school student who buses tables and takes orders - Hawaiian style pizza is their specialty.

Weather conditions:
There is a constant rain falling with periods of downpours. There is a flash flood warning

Paint  colors of the tagger:
Neon green, light purple and red and they all glow in the dark.  Your character needs to see one and it should mean something to him/her.

The saga of the dead child, Alice:
All her siblings have died. And they died when they were 6.  The town now calls her death "The curse of the six."

The quirky event:

  • Ducks have left the lake for unknown reasons and are now walking around the city in small groups, or pairs.  They are unusually large ducks, and they are oddly colored.  A few are white, some are jet black, others have odd assortments of colors in their feathers. There is duck poop around the town. 
  • Everyone should either go into or pass by:
    •  the graveyard
    • Jehovah Witness Church -- now known as "The True Believers"
    • St. Mark

Common event:
People seem to be stubbing their toes quite a bit.

Character interactions: If your character pairing hasn't do his or her second blog, then write your anyway.
Margo Myers- Prof. Lyons
Diana Donati -Julia Shepard
Piper Jardin - Hemson Tenths
Rosemary Valerian - Lucja Borowicz
Lennon Garrett - Denzel - (who has yet to post!)
Ruby Jazz- Julia Fitzpatrick
Lydia Pierce- Julian Towers
Joan Miller/Shafer - Charlotte Holt
Rose Mary Lethers - Adeline Remington
Ms. M - Jasper Black
Melissa Parks - Brilynn Rain
Charlie Lee - Aria G.  Salem
Stanley Collingwood - Flora DeRenaldo
Poppy Nixon - Lucas Jones Dewey

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