Monday, August 31, 2015

Post #2 - Going to the dogs...

Betty's Beauty: is a supply company run by Betty, a middle-aged blonde, who tries hard but has settled for just average.  Her employees, Diana Donati is one of the blog characters and the other one, Lucinda is a group character- she is somewhat like Betty, she tries hard and passionate about her job but is inept.

Dog Festival: Dogs! Dogs! And more dogs! Contests, give-a-ways, adoptions, etc.! In McAllister Park!all day! Food trucks! Booths! Woof, woof!

Lunar eclipse: at 1:03 PM

Local bands: playing in the park from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, they are loud and really not very good, but they are there because the police department is trying to raise money for the family who just lost their young daughter, Alice, in an apparent drowning. They need money for the funeral.

Speaking of the child drowning... Detective Carter(late 60's, tired, and a bit jaded) is interviewing people who may be possible suspects in Alice's drowning. He interviews:

  • Ruby Jazz
  • Julian Tower
  • Ms. M
  • Margo Myers
Balloon man: His name is Bill, Bill the balloon man.  He is selling big and small balloons during the dog festival. The balloons are all shaped in various breeds of dogs.  Some are the whole dog, others are just the head. He has at least 50 of them. He lives in the neighborhood and sells balloons for all occasions and has a little stand next to the bus stop. 

Character interactions:
  • Remember, you should have some type of interaction with the character you were pared with. You do not need to have a dialogue if it doesn't fit your character.  You should have a conversation with the author in your respective comment boxes on your first blog.  If you do not get a response from that author in a couple of days, write your blog and include the character as you see fit.
  • You may, if you wish, include other blog characters that you are not paired with this week.  If you do incorporate other characters, let them know by posting in their comment box. Usually you should comment in the current post. 
  • If you do not wish to continue the interaction--what would be the best way to further develop your character, and leave an opening for the other character. You could even comment that now is not the right time for your character, but remember, stay open to possibilities. 
  • Also, of note, writers--therefore characters--change.  A writer may not like the direction a character is going and may rewrite their character's first blog(it's already happened). Don't get too upset, either keep yours or rewrite.  REVISION IS YOUR BESTIE! 
Character parings:
Denzel Russo- Stanley Collingwood
Piper Jardin - Ms. M
Julia Fitzpatrick - Joan
Charlie Lee - Ruby Jazz
Brilynn Rain - Poppy Nixon
Charlotte Holt - Prof. Lyons
Lydia Pierce - Rose mary Valerian
Adeline Remington - Lucja Borowicz
Jasper Black - Margo Myers
Flora DeRenaldo - Rosemary Lethers
Hemson Tenths - Aria G. Salem
Diana Denoti - Lennon Garrett
Melissa Parks - Julian Towers
Julia Shepard - Penny Lane

Friday, August 7, 2015

Blog #1 - The day started with...

Things you must should in your first blog

"The day started with...". 
Where you live:
Your name and how you got there.

Things you 
The top floor of the apartment building is being renovated. 

First impressions are important.  Get started in medias res.

A little girl was found at the edge of the lake. She was dead. 

A window gets broken at El Cheapo

Someone hangs a bra on the statue of Collingwood. 

Shawn - the owner of El Cheapo.

Byron Gibson - works at the gas station.

A tagger in the neighborhood

Citizen patrol in area